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Insurance of cargoes

Our insurance provides an insurance covering on CMR 600.000.00 USD in each case. Naturally you, as the cargo owner, can independently insure the cargo (a cargo while the carrier insures the responsibility). But thus it is necessary to remember, that the insurance company will discuss with you only invoice cost. All that moreover, will be considered as financial risks and to be insured on another - to higher rates.

The company " PKF VDNK " at acceptance of the application for transportation spends an estimation of a degree of risk of delivery of a cargo. In case of need we shall issue the additional insurance, we shall provide protection and support of a cargo, we shall conclude the contract of insurance with the insurance company with the following provisions:

  • with the responsibility for all risks;
  • with the responsibility for destruction of all or parts of a cargo;
  • with the responsibility only for full destruction of a cargo.

The insurance sums are established on each concrete party of a cargo (goods). The insurance sum is defined on invoice or to other document given by the Cargo owner and confirming actual cost of a cargo.