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Dangerous goods

The transport company «PKF VDNK» renders services on the international and long-distance transportations of dangerous cargoes by the motor transport equipped by corresponding container and packing. 

All operations are carried out according to the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (DOPOG /ADR), put into operation since July, 1st, 2001.

It is necessary to remember, that to international and long-distance  transportations of dangerous substances special demands are made, their transportation should be accompanied by the strengthened security measures. 

dander goods

All our trucks, transporting dangerous cargoes, have necessary licenses and admissions, are equipped by the corresponding equipment

The international transportations of dangerous cargoes, including export-import and transit cargo transportations of dangerous cargoes on territory of the Russian Federation, are carried out with observance of norms and the rules established by the international conventions and intergovernmental agreements which participant is the Russian Federation.


On the basis of Typical rules of Recommendations on transportation of dangerous cargoes of the United Nations Organization and according to dangerous properties classification which provides division of dangerous cargoes into classes has been carried out.

DOPOG, MPOG, VOPOG provide 9 classes dangerous goods (are resulted in the table on the right)

At transit transportation of dangerous cargoes by motor transport frequently there is a set of formal obstacles which successful overcoming depends on appropriate registration of the accompanying documentation and observance of all rules of transportation. Much depends also on efficiency of actions of experts and construction of an optimum logistical chain.

DOPOG - the European agreement on the international road transportation of dangerous cargoes.

MK MPOG - the International code of sea transportation of dangerous cargoes.

VOPOG - the European agreement on the international transportation of dangerous cargoes on internal waterways.