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Complicated cargoes

Transportation of complicated cargoes (Oversized, modular)

The transport company " PKF VDNK " renders services on the international delivery of cargoes. The Europe, the countries of Near and far Abroad - routes of transportations, as well as structure of cargoes, can be the diversified. 

Transportation of modular cargoes

Transportation is carried out through warehouses in Germany (Hannover, Frankfurt) and Finland (Lahti) that allows to consolidate, store a modular cargo and to send already full lorry convoys to Russia. All warehouses are equipped by modern technics for realization of cargo handling works, package, marks. 

Each route of delivery of modular cargoes is developed individually, in view of specificity of the country-addressee. Our company has reached the greatest efficiency in sphere of delivery of modular cargoes from the countries of the Europe. 

Sending can be made directly from consignor of goods that allows to avoid transshipping. 

Transportation of bulky goods

The operational experience in sphere of the international transportations shows, that special demands that speaks complexities in selection of pickings and special equipment are always made to transportation of bulky goods, and also by necessity of registration of the accompanying documentation. 

At the international transportations of bulky goods it is required to consider also specificity of requirements of foreign supervising bodies and customs items.

You had ideas? Address to experts "PKF VDNK". They in the shortest term will process your inquiry and will offer you our variant of delivery of a modular cargo, coordinating with you a way, cost and term of delivery.

Transportation of medical and chemical cargoes

Transportation of medical and chemical cargoes demanding the certain temperature mode. A temperature mode from-25 up to +30. We have an opportunity of storage and consolidation of cargoes at a temperature mode in the advanced warehouse. We have an opportunity of transportation of a cargo demanding the certain temperature mode in structure of modular.