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International freight delivery from Europe to Russia The international transportations of cargoes

International transportation of cargoes

The main thing that interests almost all visitors of a site of any transport company is, certainly, services on transportation of cargoes. It would seem, what it is possible to offer, except for transportation of twenty tons something from Munich to Moscow? But if all was so in easier, international freight traffic would not be engaged only lazy. However the organization of routes of the international transportations of cargoes - a problem not so and simple, demanding skill to coordinate set of the moments: sending, unloading, customs

Specificity and structure of cargoes also postpones a print for a way of delivery. By transportation combined teams and bulky goods necessity coordinate routes of parties can to lead to a tightening of terms and default of the plan. Here again only successful realization of a problem depends on skill of professionals of the transport company. Transportation of dangerous cargoes demands the careful approach to a choice of vehicles, measures of loading-unloading, the coordination of the allowing documentation, customs registration and Insurances.

The solid operational experience in the market of transport services allows experts of the company " PKF VDNK " to solve problems of transportation of export-import and transit cargoes of the most different degree of complexity

So, conditions of one typical problem. Having a rolling stock in 30 trucks, " PKF VDNK " can guarantee weekly presence of machines, we shall admit, in Germany. Presence of a warehouse for consolidation of fine parties of cargoes will solve the problem on delivery of pair pallet to Ekaterinburg. And employees of the company will solve questions on borders, having specified and having corrected mistakes in accompanying documents.

But it still not all. Having looked and having estimated the list of offered services, you can on each of items in detail have a talk with managers of our company (has undressed Contacts).

Offered services VDNK:

  • The international freight traffic in directions: the Western Europe, Scandinavia, Urals Mountains, Siberia, Kazakhstan;
  • Services on consolidation of cargoes in Germany and Finland;
  •  Transportations of dangerous cargoes (standard ADR);
  • Registration and check of documents;
  • Processing of optimum logistical chains;
  • The decision of questions on borders.

Consolidation and storage of cargoes in the Europe and China

We offer you service on the organization of responsible storage of cargoes according to requirements of the Client. Any kinds of loading - unloading works in warehouses of temporary storage (both mechanized, and manual).

We can offer you unique warehouse for storage of medicines and medical accessories. Including demanding a special mode of loading, with constant temperature during unloading and loading.