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Horses are still rewarded in international haulage

vdnk transport job After 15 years of ups and downs I came to a conclusion that it is easy to transport any freight by any means of transport, as long as the task is clear. Freight delivery is a ridiculously simple business, if you keep all those thousands of details on your mind. That should be the reason why first hand experience, personal engagement and highest possible reliability are outmost valuable company qualities in this business.

It is way harder to tell you about the way my company functions than to transport a freight from somewhere in Germany to Ekaterinburg, Russia. Just start to boast of it and nobody believes you. Just start to tell how it really is and everybody says you are boasting about it.

Every other website tell gives you some shallow motto like international freight transportation service within a reasonable timeframe for reasonable money. But as louder sounds the oath of eternal loyalty, the more pain in the ass it turns out to be when it comes to business. However, the agreement is signed and there is no where to run from tiny flea-bite with serious implications.

I decided to do vice versa. You can browse through the our hard-hitting experience stories and if, notwithstanding all you've read, you decide to do business with us, we promise it to be a joy ride.


We are engaged in freight/cargo transportation only

To be precise, we are engaged in international freight transportation in curtain trailers and cargo and cargo transportation by sea containers. we consolidate LTLs from all over Europe at our German and Polish warehouses for our European and Russian clients. And thereafter, carry it over to Russian federation two-three times a week. Also we provide the service of customs carrier. In addition, we transport sea containers from Finland and haul containers throughout Moscow area and the rest of the country, wherever asphalted roads are.

We make all kinds of shipping documents

International road transportation requires meticulously prepared shipping documents. Filling in those paperwork can tire one beginner's heart out. Russian customs are merciless. Usually its no picnic for us, so yuo better take thought for yourself.

We engage our own trucks with curtain trailers and container truckbeds

30 of our own truck+curtain trailer/flatbed units not older then 3 years of usage provides us with an opportunity to immediately provide transport for LTLs consolidation from Italy, Germany and France, and do truck maintenance service in a planned manner instead of firefighting mode.all of our trucks comply to EURO5 standards and can be equipped with special flatbeds for 20", 40" and 45" containers.

We care for your and our staff

Majority of key transportation questions our managers solve before the actual freight pick-up and mostly without bothering you: giving a call to consignor to specify pick-up time and date, type of truck and loading required, type of shipping documents provided, etc. In order to be able to take prompt decision, our manager will surely ask for your responsible mangers call phone number. And be sure that the next time you decide to do business with us you will be dealing with the same manager.

We are always in touch while your containers are sailing and wheels og our trucks are spinning

  • from morning till night
  • during lunchtime
  • on holidays and weekends

We do tallying and talk to people

  • every year we carry over 20000 tones of goods from EU to Russian Federation
  • every year we convey over 350 sea containers from China
  • every year we haul a minimum of 100 containers throughout Moscow area
  • 90% of our customers are do business with us for more than 1 year

And finally, barely any of goods owners know that they do business with us while ordering a transportation services from third party companies. In 2012 we've provided to our services 476 times to different third party companies. So did those owners paid more than it really costs?

We are not one of the founders of goods transportation

We don't have a vigorous genealogical tree coming from first trading companies of Peter the Great. VDNK was founded in 1998, we are only 16 years of age.

We stake our heads on our business

And we do have a «big brother» to vouch for us - we are a current member of ASMAP (Association of International Road Carriers) that keeps a wary eye on all of its «students». there are 30 trucks, an office and a parking lot at our disposal to do our job properly without overcharging our customers.

We have only two corporate rules:

  • Your goods should be delivered carefully and on schedule
  • Your clients should buy more and worry less

The rest is less important.

We don't tell you how to do your own business

We barely know the specifics of other spheres non-related to freight / cargo transportation.On the other hand, we do our best to be on top of the game of freight/cargo transportation. And sometimes we do a little extra than that.

We hate preoccupation with paperwork, endless meetings and boring negotiations

We take job as a laconic equation solving. the rest is lyric poetry.

We don't take «everything you can pay for» approach as some kind of fundamental one

Goods transportation was founded at the times when Adam was a boy. And innovations are more of an exception than a rule. Our tasks are simple and clear to us as well as to our clients - transport goods from point A to point B for an appropriate money and nothing else.

We don't like to be criticized

And in such case, we will always ask you for your arguments. So all remarks should be reasonable for us to accept them. That fortunately happens very seldom.

We don't work for free

And we don't work for peanuts. Our arsenal and experience allows us to keep good rates for our good job.

We are not liable for your business

We carry goods from point A to point B. It's up to you to understand your own business, keep a correct strategy and carry thoughtful price policy.

There is not that many of us

We don't keep an overcrowded staff team, that can be translated as a stable of chairwarmers, sponging on clients wallet and conscientiously surfing the web and social networks for some 6 h/day. All of our managers are qualified staff members and can take critical and correct decisions. As our priorities are tuned to our clients' interests, so that type of decision making benefits all of us.
We like them to think of us as practical nerds that spare no time to shake the money tree. In order to do it successfully we have to keep everything smooth and running, so you will be coming back to us for more and we shall be doing transportation instead of inventing «awesome» and «memorable» commercials. We plan that our customers will stay with us for as long as it is profitable for them. That is our vision of this business.

We deliver goods on time and without any surprises

Freight delivery from Europe to Ural and Syberia regions

  • international FTL and LTL freight transportation
  • European Union internal transportation
  • storage and handling of goods at our warehouses in Germany and Poland

International cargo (container) transportation

  • international sea container transportation (from China, USA, EU)
  • international sea container transportation from Baltic and Finish ports
  • consolidated freights from China

Transportation of containers within the Russian Federation

  • container carriage throughout Russia using our own trucks
  • all types of container haulage throughout Moscow area


We've been doing all the above mentioned activities for the last 16 years, so we have no lack of experience in solving «small matters». We know, who, what and when wants, when we should arrive to loading/unloading location, when there is a possibility to of detention/demurrage, how to secure the type of freight you got, so to deliver it in apparent good order and condition