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The prices of our favorite destinations (21 tons)

Germany, Hanover Russia, Ekaterinburg 4700 €
Czech Republic, Prague Russia, Magnitogorsk 4600 €
Russia, Ekaterinburg Netherlands, Rotterdam 2150 €
Italy, Milan Russia, Ekaterinburg 5000 €
Sweden, Stockholm Russia, Chelyabinsk 4000 €
Poland, Warszawa Russia, Tyumen 3800 €
Switzerland, Zurich Russia, Ekaterinburg 5000 €


Terms of cooperation

Our major fields of transportation business is international freight delivery from Europe to Russia and back, consolidation of small freights from Europe and China at our multiple warehouses, international and within Russia cargo transportation. We are using our own curtain trailers and flatbeds for sea containers. International transportation is our favourite occupation.

We suggest:

  • Huge "tried and tested" first hand experience
  • Reasonable prices
  • Real help with transportation ducuments from highly qualified staff
  • We own the transport we work with

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